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cashback avec aliexpress

Hi Everyone ! My name is David, and I decided to help you buying stuff on AliExpress (and also on other chinese web stores).

I come from Paris, and I’m currently studying economics at the University.

I’d be frank with you : i’ve got plenty of time to follow my passions. And one of them consists in finding the best products to buy in China.



I discovered a few years ago that it was possible to buy items directly from chinese suppliers, so that you can benefit from really attractive prices. This is how i started buying headphones, then a smartphone… and now, all my gadgets come directly from China !

I found it difficult at the beginning to know which sites were reliable. This is why I’ve created AliAddict, so that you can buy from AliExpress, but not only.

Indeed, there are more than a hundred sites similar to AliExpress. I’m going to make reviews, and also tutorials. You’ll know how to deal with customs, and how to know if a product is a fake one, a replica or a genuine one.

I’m sorry if my English is bad. Indeed, I started my site in French, but I decided to translate some of my posts in English so that more people can benefit from my advice. It’s still hard for me to write proper English, so you may find typos or grammar errors while you’re reading some of my posts.

If you have any question, or you’d like to know if an item seems legit or no, feel free to shoot me an email.

I’ll be glad to answer you, and try to help you. You just have to use the contact page in order to get in touch me, that’s really simple 😉


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