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A lot of people know that I’ve created this site in order to help you buying items from China. But there was a site like AliExpress that everyone was asking me to try. This site was…

DealExtreme !

Yes, maybe you already know this site. You’d like to see a review of DealExtreme, this chinese site which is used by a lot of people in America ?

I’ve tested everything for you : delivery times, customs fees… How does DealExtreme work ?

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INtroducing DealExtreme

Maybe you’re asking youself this question : “Why choose DealExtreme?”, when there are more than hundred e-commerce chines sites available for Western buyers. It seems that the founders of this sites are really convinced that their value proposition is one of the best :

Why choose DealExtreme ?

Indeed, they highlight 4 features which are :

  • more than 300 000 products
  • prices that are extremely low
  • fast refunds and replacements
  • worldwide free shipping for all items


A wide range of products

First, let’s have a look to the different categories of products available on DealExtreme :

The different categories of products available on DealExtreme

DealExtreme not only offers electronic gadgets, but also clothes (as does wish), home acessories, or beauty products.

However, this is not a marketplace. The site doesn’t offer linking buyers and customers. When you make an order, you’re just facing a single seller, which is DealExtreme. This chinese company buys stuff from suppliers in orther to stock their warehouse, and to be able to deliver orders that i made on its site.

Regarding their site’s navigation, this is a good surprise. It’s made with a performing search engine, offering detailled categories that allow to find easily products that have been consulted before.

As AliExpress, this is an universel site, selling all kinds of stuff. Ratherh than specializing itself on one category, DealExtreme aim to offer a lot of articles to european and americain consumers.

I thing that DealExtrem makes really low margins on the products they sell : this is maybe why they offer a wide range of products in order to be profitable.

But is it a bad thing ? That’s what we’re going to see.

Electronic products

Although DealExtreme offers a wide range of products, it seems that the site is specialized in offering asian products : MI, Samsung or other brands like Toshiba are really highlighted.
Asian brands on DealExtreme

You can find high end items, like connected objects, bluetooth headphones,…

Promotions & Gifts

The site also offers low-priced products : you can find products sold for as low as 99 cents ! Ok, for this price, you won’t receive a computer. Buy you can find articles like a sim adaptator, or a razor.

The site also offers gift ideas. Some of them are really surprising. Here’s what you can buy when you ask for “gifts for a woman” :

  • kitchen timer
  • Slimming and Healthy Silicone Magnetic Toe Rings

There are other categories, like gifts for men, for children or for elders.

Top Vendors

There’s also a category named “Top Vendors”, which highlights the best selling items. These are mostly gadgets, which prove that people are used to come to DealExtreme to find that type of products.

However, some of them are really useful.

Top Deals on DealExtreme

Let’s have a quick look on the deal offers on DealExtreme. But don’t set your expectatins too high : there are never huge promotions on chinese sites.

Why ? This is because the products are already sold for a very cheap price ! Alwasy remember than an european/americain seller always can offer huge deals (like 60-70 or even 80 % off) and still make profit. This is not the case for a chinese seller.

DealExtreme offers packs that will allow you to benefit from deals. This is the case with a pack of hot accessories for smartphone :

A pack of accessories on DealExtreme


The DX coupons are included in promotions. I think that DealExtreme use them to sell items that are not very popular, or to boost the new products that don’t have yet collected review. You can also use those points when you make orders.

Be careful : this coupons have expiration dates, and they are not groupable.

Points and fun

The points on DealExtreme are credited each time you make an order. It allows you to earn 10% of their total, in points. For instance, if you order for 30 $ of products, you’ll receive 3 points to use on your next order.

You can also earn points by giving a review on an item you’ve bought : 2 points for a text review, 2 points of a “picture review” and 3 points for a “video review”.

There’s a forum dedicated to customers : if you help one of its member, he can send you some of his points so you can be rewarded.

But there are other methods to earn points.

DealExtreme is the only site similar to AliExpress to offer games, on which you can bet your coins.

  • Eagle Eye :
  • Sailor Biding
  • Magic Marketplace
  • Guess the Card

All those games are not really useful, but they’re really fun ! And with a bit of luck, you can win additional points !


Ordering on DealExtreme

Payment and Delivery

Great news for Western customers who don’t want to give their credit card number. DealExtreme allows you to pay via paypal ! This is still not possible on AliExpress…

DealExtreme offers free shipping on every orders. You’ll have to wait between 15 and 30 days to receive your products.

You should not have to pay customs fees since the delivery is made by a chinese carrier.

Unfortunately, the system which gives you the position of a package is not very efficient: managed by a Chinese conveyor, you won’t be given many details. It will only be possible to know when the product left the warehouse.

If you can’t access the page where your order is shown, you’ll have to use your DealExtreme account again to access it. If you did not receive your package 30 days after the dispatch, DealExtreme you should use the contact form in order to get more information.

Something very interesting for european customers… the site also offers to deliver from one of its warehouses in Europe ! Maybe a way to get better reviews from european customers…

All the issues that you can have when buying on Chinese sites, like the lenght of delivery, or the risks faced regarding customs charges are eliminated !

Shipping from Europe with DealExtreme

When you see this, just click on “EU”. You’ll be automatically redirect to the “european” site of DealExtreme, which allows you to order directly from one of its warehouses in France.

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Returns on DealExtrem

The returns policy is less accommodating than what is practiced on other Chinese sites. If the product arrives defective, you can return it within 5 days of receipt.

If an item does not suit you, you can send it back. While some sites require you to pay the returns costs, DealExtreme is a operates differently. The site asks you to pay 35% of the product price in order to cover the shipping fees (those fees may not exceed 40 dollars).

You have to know that you cannot be refunded if you return the product within 90 days from the shipping date. After that period, you’ll only be able to request an exchange against an item at the same price. You’ll will have to provide the original packaging, and take pictures of the article before making a return.


The community

It’s very well done.

DealExtreme offers a comprehensive forum where members can ask any questions.

For example :

  • Does this phone is compatible Android?
  • What is the real resolution of this tablet?
  • I need a charger, help me to find!

I think it’s really helpful. This is a feature that you can’t find on European sites.

Concerning reviews, you can see the “top reviewers”, those users whose reviews were top rated. These are often very very informative, with text and numerous images.

I think that’s a great way to get a better idea of the products.

DealExtreme review


 Great Prices
 User Friendly
 Free and fast shipping

 A lot of deals
 The games
 You can pay with Paypal
 A great helpful community


 Difficulty to track an order

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of DealExtreme ! Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section, or to give me your own opinion about this site.

  • Range of products
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Payments and returns
  • Community

En bref

A great e-commerce site : cheap prices, a wide range of products,…

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