Find brands on AliExpress in 2016 : my Step-By-Step Guide To Help you find the best brands

Finding brands on AliExpress is not that complicated !

You need help finding original brands on AliExpress, so that you can find less expensive products ? You wonder how to find brands on AliExpress because it’s somewhat complicated ? I’ll teach how to do it, and i’ll reveal also the tricks used by vendors who are trying to “hide” the real name of the brands they’re selling !

How to find brands on AliExpress ? Here’s a simple board to help you find popular ones

I’ve just created a table that indexes a lot of brands, and the associated terms that you can use to find them back on AliExpress.

It’s been a lot of work for me to create this guide. If you want to support me, and help your friends find the best replicas on Chinese stores, please consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing relatives. This board will be updated every week, so that it’ll be an URL that you can bookmark and use in the future.

08/17/2016 : I’ve added a wishlist for some of the brands on this board. I’ve picked up products from specific brands, so that you don’t have to use search terms to find them. You just have to click on a wishlist when this type of link is available.

Abercrombie & Fitch : FitchAnjoyAF – WishList Abercrombie
Adidas : AdidasAdiAdidsAdidaselied – WishList Adidas – seller 1 – seller 2 – seller 3 – seller 4 – seller 5 – seller 6
Marques chinoises similaires à Adidas : Anta – CBA Li NingOnemixVoltXtep
Adidas Superstar (chaussures) : Superstar Shoes
Adidas Supercolor (chaussures) : SupercolorSupercolor Shoes
Adidas Yeezi (chaussures) : Yeezys Shoes
Adidas ZX Flux (chaussures) : Zx Flux
Addicted : Addicted
Aeronautica –> WishList
Alpinestars : Alpine Stars
American Eagle : American Eagle
Arai (Casques moto) : Arai
Armani : ArmaniArmaniinglyAREA7
Asics : seller 1 – seller 2 – seller 3 – seller 4
Asus : Asus
Audi : seller Audi

Balenciaga : BL Brand SneakersArena Shoes – Veevan – seller 1seller 2seller 3
Beats by Dre : Dre Dre Headphones Studio –  Dr Dre Headphones –  Dre Cuffie Dre – Wishlist Beats
Belstaff : Tom Cruise Jacket
Bentley : Bentley – Bentley Watch
Bershka : BSK
Bikkembergs : Bikkembergs
Billabong : Billabong – seller 1
Billionaire : Billionaire
BluBoo : BluBoo
Bluedio : Bluedio
BMW : seller 1
Bose : Bose
Boy London : Boy London
Bvlgari : Brand Bulgaria – Bvg – Alternative : Tarthan Clothing
Burberry : seller 1seller 2
Breitling : seller 1

Calvin Klein : Calvin Women 
– Marques similaires : Pink HeroArnaldo Bassini
Caroline Herrera : Caroline Herrera
Carhartt : Carhartt
Casio : Casio – seller 1 – seller 2 – seller 3
Chanel : ChannelesCCcocococo channelcoco bag
Christian Dior : Luxury Glasses
Christian Louboutin : Christian Shoes – CL Shoes – red bottom high heels – red bottom sneakers – red bottom shoes
Columbia : seller 1seller 2seller 3
Chuwi : Chuwi
ChromeCast : Chromecast
Converse : Conversechuck shoesshoes skateboardseller 1seller 2
Crocs : Crocs
Cubot : Cubot

Daniel Wellington (montres) : DW – DW WatchNylon Strap Watch
Diesel : DSLDSL BrandDisel Jeans
Dior : Di*r – Di*r sunglasses – Di r Sunglasses
Dolce Gabanna : DG Brand
Dr Martens

Ever Pretty


Fjällräven : Kranken Backpack


Garmin : Unavailable. Similar Brands : Recherche GarminBicycle ComputerGPS WatchPulsometer
Golden Goose
GoPro : Unavailable. Similar Brands : SjCamAction CameraGoPro Style


Hackett : Hacket
Hugo Boss
HunterBoots : Unavailable. Similar Brands : Woman Rain BootsWellies High


Ipad 4




Kenzo (WishList)


Lacoste (WishList)
Lee : Lee – Jussara Lee
Lego : Unavailable. Similar Brands :Bulding Blocks – LepinDecool
Louboutin : Red Bottom Shoes


Manolo Blahnik : Manolos
Marc Jacobs : MJ
Massimo Duti : Massimo
Moncler : Monclear – Monclearing
Mont Blanc : Mont – Mont Black – Similar Brands : Fountain Pens


New Balance : New BalanceN Shoes
Nike Wishlist Nike
Nike Rosche Run : Mens Rosche
Nike Air Force One : Nike Air Force 1 – Air Force One
Nike Air Max : Nike Air MaxAir Max 90
Nike Air Jordan (WishList)
Nike Air Pegasus
Nike Blazer
Nike Cortez : Nike CortezCortez hommes
Nike Court
Nike Flyknit
Nike Free Run : Nike Free
Nike Essentialist
Nike Genicco
Nike Hoodland
Nike Huarache : Huarache – Airlis huarachlis – Air Huarache – Mon article Nike Huarache sur AliExpress
Nike Hypervenom : Chaussures de football hypervenom
Nike Internationalist
Nike Janoski : Stefan Janoski
Nike Jordan
Nike Kaishi
Nike Match
Nike MD Runner
Nike Superfly : Superfly
Nike Thea : Air The
Nike Tri Fusion


Oakley – Autres marques similaires






RayBan – Similar Brands : Aofly Camelo – Raybomb n-
Reebok – Similar Brands : Anta – CBA – Li Ning – Onemix – Xtep




Timberland : Unavailable. Similar Brands : Timber Boots
Tissot : Unavailable. Similar Brands : Tissot


Ugg: Unavailable. Similar Brands : EmuUGC
Under Armour


Vans – Similar Brands : Canvas SneakersVanly Shoes




Yves Saint Laurent : YS


Zara : ZA Za**Zar

How to pick the right products ?

Brands on AliExpress : they fit into 4 different categories

Original Eastern Brands

You can find a lot of 100 % original products on AliExpress, which are offered by popular eastern brands.

Let’s take the example of the Nike Air Force shoes : the products offered on AliExpress are 100 % authentic, as the vendors buy these directly from the official Nike factories. These are exactly the same shoes that you could buy in your local store, or on amazon. In this case, just watch the price as to assess if the deal offered by the vendor is interesting or not. And don’t forget to consider the shipping rate and the delivery time.

Chinese Brands

There are a lot of reliable chinese brands these days. They possess their own original logo, and are recognized as quality brands from worldwide customers. A good example would be Xiaomi, a chinese brand that sells quality smartphones in Europe. You can easily find those brands on AliExpress, offered at at a lesser price than what you have to pay in a brick and mortar store.

Chinese products “without brand”

There are a lot of products on AliExpress which don’t have any brand, or any logo. They use synonyms to sell their products. A good example is the lacoste shirts : you can find those products by typing “polo crocodile”.

On the picture there is no logo, but most of the times there’s actually one original logo on the products.

How is that ? That’s simply because the vendors buy their products from the same factories that produce items for the brands. Since their costs are reduced, because they don’t spend money on marketing, they can offer you the same items at a discounted price.


There a lot of replicas on AliExpress ! If you have a doubt concerning the authenticity of a product, don’t hesitate to watch for the reviews made by the previous clients.

Buying a replica is not the end of the world… And sometimes it can be a good deal ! But let’s see what it means.


But what is a replica on AliExpress ?

When you think of replicas, you tend to think of that :

A replica of the bic razors

Sometimes, you should really go for the original…

or that :

A replica of the brand "lacoste"

I really doubt the fact that someone could be interested by a Lacouste shirt, or by BIG razors !

Those replicas are really low quality – and very different from what you can find on AliExpress. Indeed, vendors are always offering more and more quality replicas, which tend to really look like the original products.

But before buying replicas on AliExpress, i should warn you : you take the risk of paying custom fees. You should know that this depend widely on the carrier you’re gonna choose when you order : European and american carriers, like DHL, Fedex or UPS, tend to charge custom fees, whereas Chinese carriers usually don’t.

But OK, let’s assume you’ve found a replica and you’d like to buy it. I really understand. When one see the price of authentic products, and the astonishing margins that big companies take, it’s normal to search for cheaper choices.

What you should know, is that even though those replicas don’t have been order by the original brands, they have their logo (most of the time). Indeed, you should know that these products don’t have this particular logo in their description pictures : but this does not mean that they don’t actually have the logo. Actually, this is because the vendors take the risk of being kicked out from AliExpress. This is why most of the time you cannot see the Nike logo on a lot of items, like this one :


A pair of nike sneakers without logo on AliExpress

For this product, you can see that the logo is partially visible : you can see a little portion of it on the left of the picture. This is why i think that the chances to have the Nike Swoosh on this item are very high.

If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to watch for the reviews and the comments made by the previous clients : they can help you to know if the original logo of the brands is present on the item you’d like to buy.

How to find brands by yourself ?

You’d like to find products on AliExpress, made from brands that are not on my board ? You’ve got to be creative !

The most efficient method consist in adding an adjective that can identify the item that you’d like to buy, after having typed the initials of the brands.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say i’d like to buy an Armani watch. It’s possible to go with “AR watches”, since the vendors can’t use the name “Armani” in their product title or description, but they are looking for ways to be reachable anyway.

Sometimes, you have to use the motto of the brands : for instance, “Off the Wall” can help you finding Vans Shoes (Damn Daniel, Back at it again with the white vans !).

If you want to find a pair of New Balance, you have to try “Balancing Shoes”.

As you can see, you have to be creative to find brands by yourself !


How does AliExpress work ?

AliExpress is not the same as other Chinese sites : AliExpress doesn’t sell anything.

Yes, that’s true !

AliExpress’s job is only to be a marketplace between suppliers, that offer items, and buyers.

A few years ago, when someone wanted to buy Chinese products, there were a lot of middleman people to import a product from China, and to offer it in brick and mortar stores. There was a cost, since the owners of these stores had to go in China by themselves, and to find, sometimes with the help of  broker, good products amongst the best suppliers.

They were the only ones choosing what you could buy, and what you won’t be able to buy.

But, this was before.

Today, in 2016, things have changed. And you don’t need anymore to travel the world in order to buy stuff from a Chinese supplier.

What about the brands ? Why don’t they take profit from these opportunities?

Even though a lot of the worldwide production made by the greatest brands are operated in China, this does not mean that you can find easily genuine products on AliExpress. Indeed, brands tend to lock their distribution channels, so that no supplier can offer by itself their products directly on a marketplace. The brands want to keep their margin high, and to remain “high-end”, so that they can ask high prices for their products.

Let’s take the example of Adidas shoes, which are offered in the US for more than 100 dollars. Do you really think that Adidas uses fabrics that could give reasons to a such high price ? This is not the case !

The brand benefits from high margins thanks to its upscale positionning, which allows to “prove” the quality of the items it sells. And that’s why they really don’t want that one of their suppliers start producing “stan smith” by themselves in order to offer them on AliExpress for a cheap price. Adidas would have trouble then to ask so much money in stores for their products, since clients would know that they can have the exact same pair of shoes for half the price by just ordering it from their smartphone.

To conclude regarding the brands on AliExpress

The relation between AliExpress and brands seem to be schizophrenic.

The Chinese store does not want to loose its credibility by offering counterfeit products. That’s why they’re actively hunting for vendors, that take the risk being ban forever from the marketplace.

But it’s a fact that a lot of worldwide consumers are looking for replicas on AliExpress. For some of them, it’s the only reason they good to this site.

That’s why AliExpress has started partnerships with popular brands, like Nike, so they can offer genuine products on their site.

If you have found ways to buy items for popular brands, feel free to tell me in the comments so that i can update my board !

You can also check my post on the best chinese online websites.

David B.

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